Trust Account

Trust Account

Vanguard Credit Union’s trust accounts are designed to help you save money for someone special in your life. A Trust accounts will allow you to open and maintain an account for a second party allowing either joint or no access, depending on what is the most suitable for you.


  • May be designated on Personal, Golden, HEADSTART® and FAT CAT® Accounts
  • No minimum or maximum amounts to contribute
  • You decide how much, and how often you want to contribute
  • Second party can have joint or no access
  • Safe and secure way to save for children and grandchildren

Estate Planning

Take time now to plan your estate.

 If you become seriously ill or pass away suddenly, estate planning will give you the comfort of knowing that your loved ones will be protected.

Vanguard Credit Union’s estate planning will help you make informed decisions about the ownership and distribution of your assets during your lifetime and into the next generation. We also help you evaluate your estate needs in relationship to your plan, and can direct you to an investment advisor, insurance representative* or a corporate executor if you need one.

Estate planning is a key step in the preparation of:

  • Your will, which is the legal document that details how your estate and possessions will be handled after your death.
  • A personal directive, which gives direction about your health and maintenance if you are incapable of doing so.
  • An enduring power of attorney, which appoints someone you trust to look after your financial and legal matters if you are unable to do so.


*Credential Financial Strategies Inc. is a member company under Credential Financial Inc., offering financial planning, life insurance and investments to members of credit unions and their communities. Mutual Funds are offered through Credential Asset Management Inc.



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