Protect Yourself Against Fraud

Protection yourself against fraud!

Scams are everywhere, in today’s world, and we want you to always protect yourself. Here are a few prevention tips:

Protecting Your Identify

  • Only provide personal details and information when it’s required and necessary
  • Shred any unwanted personal information (personal documents, member/credit cards, old tax documents, etc.); do not just throw it away
  • Don’t leave your personal documents and information laying around; keep it safe and secure at all times

Money Transfers

  • Never send money to someone you don’t know and trust
  • Don’t send money to pay a fee for prizes or lottery winnings
  • Only send funds to companies, providers, etc. that can prove they’re legitimate

Internet Business Scams

  • Install a software or antivirus protection program that will protect your computer from viruses and unwanted issues
  • Only visit websites that are known to you
  • Avoid pop-ups as they can result in unwanted scams and viruses to your computer
  • Never provide or enter your banking information, personal information, or credit card details to a website that isn’t legitimate
  • Never put your banking and personal information into a public computer; avoid using them for online shopping
  • Be particular about your passwords; make them difficult so nobody can guess what they are
  • Always print off copies of your completed transactions for backup

E-mail Scams

  • Never provide your banking/credit card information or personal details in an e-mail
  • Never click on a link that’s unknown to you or from an e-mail address that’s not familiar
  • Automatically delete emails from unknown email addresses; avoid opening them as a viruses can be embedded inside
  • Legitimate banks, financial institutions or credit card companies will never send you account verification e-mails or ask you to click on a link to access your account

Telephone Scams

  • Never give our your banking or personal information to someone you don’t know
  • If the caller is unknown to you ask the person to repeat their name and company then verify this information by calling the company yourself
  • Don’t respond to text messages or missed calls from an unknown number

Face-to-Face Scams

  • Don’t let someone unknown into your house without verifying who they are and who they work for
  • Ask to see valid identification if someone comes to your door
  • Don’t pay someone or provide personal information without trusting and verifying the resource

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