Heading Back To School?

Stay connected to your money while you’re away at school!

Either download our Vanguard Mobile App or contact our VIP Connect Online Services.

Vanguard Mobile App

  • Check your account balance
    • always know how much is in your bank account
  • Pay bills/rent
  • e-Transfer funds
    • send or receive money from your parents, family, or friends
  • Schedule payments
    • give yourself peace of mind knowing your payments are always being made
  • and more!

VIP Connect Online Services

  • Student Line of Credit
    • easy access to your money
  • Student MasterCard
    • for security or those “just in case” situations
  • Daily banking needs
    • balance inquiries, transfers, or whatever you need
  • Online banking assistance
    • lock yourself out, have a question or whatever you need
  • and more!

Staying connected to your money has never been easier or more convenient, no matter where you are! Vanguard Credit Union is always here to assist; call your local Vanguard location or VIP Connect Online Services toll-free 1-877-226-7957 or email vipconnect@vanguardcu.mb.ca.