Vanguard Credit Union Limited was originally formed by the amalgamation of the Foxwarren and Rossburn Credit Unions in October 1987. At that time it operated branches in seven locations, namely Angusville, Birtle, Foxwarren, McAuley, Rossburn, Russell and St.Lazare. Binscarth became our eighth branch in February of 1998 when the Royal Bank pulled its services from the community.

Vanguard and Hamiota Credit Unions joined forces in an amalgamation in February 2000. This added Hamiota, Kenton, Oak Lake and Miniota to the communities being served by Vanguard. In November of 2000 Vanguard acquired the Bank of Montreal location in Oak River. In October of 2005 Vanguard Business Centre was opened in Brandon. In May 2007, the Brandon branch changed to a full service credit union and is now a state of the art facility.

In January 2010 the Board of Directors made the tough decision to close three of Vanguard’s locations and on May 28, 2010 Angusville, Foxwarren and McAuley branches were closed.

Vanguard takes pride in being a strong and progressive credit union and has evolved into a vibrant organization that enjoys an asset base in excess of $356 million and serves in excess of 12,500 members in 11 communities.
We return our profits to our members and our communities through profit sharing, competitive pricing, employment and sponsorship.

Vanguard Credit Union is governed by the Credit Union and Caisses Populaires Act of Manitoba as well as Federal and Provincial laws. An Annual Meeting is held each year for members to receive reports, vote on resolutions and provide input into the credit union’s operation.



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Vanguard Credit Union is a full-service financial institution with branches in Binscarth, Birtle, Brandon, Hamiota, Kenton, Miniota, Oak Lake, Oak River, Rossburn, Russell, and St. Lazare.

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