Elder Abuse

Financial abuse of older adults is increasing from year-to-year. Join Vanguard Credit Union by help raising awareness of elder abuse!

According to the Department of Justice Canada, in 2009, seven per cent of seniors have reported some form of emotional or financial abuse and the overall rate of police-reported violence against seniors has increased 20 per cent since 1998. Awareness days, like June 15th World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD), is becoming vital to our communities. It’s important to us, at Vanguard Credit Union and to Credit Unions across Canada, to prevent financial elder abuse. Vanguard Credit Union takes elder abuse seriously and we want you, our member, to know we are here for you!

Financial abuse is defined as the illegal or inappropriate use of another person’s money or property.

Some examples of financial abuse may include:

  • Influencing, tricking, or threatening the older adult out of money, property or possessions
  • Influencing older adults to change their will and/or power of attorney
  • Cashing cheques without permission
  • Accessing accounts without permission
  • Using the older person’s money for purposes other than intended
  • Refusal to move out of the older person’s home when asked
  • Not paying for a fair share of the expenses while living with an older person
  • Pressuring the older adult to make purchases

 For more information on protecting yourself, knowing the signs of elder abuse, and more click here.



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