Service Charges

Service Charges

For complete details and service charge exceptions refer to the related Account page.

Rates Effective January 21, 2014

Account Cheque Charges  
Service Fee
All-in-One (Canadian) Personal 65¢
All-in-One (Canadian) Agricultural 75¢
Al-in-One (Canadian) Commercial 75¢
All-in-One (U.S.) 75¢
Personal Chequing 55¢
Agricultural Chequing 60¢
Commercial Chequing 65¢
Premium Plus40 transactions included in monthly fee of $10.25
FAT CAT®, HEADSTART® & Golden AccountFree
Enhanced Premium Plus 70 transactions included in monthly fee of $15.00
Unlimited Premium Plus Unlimited transactions included in monthly fee of $20.00
Cheque Charges 
Service Fee
Official Cheque/Primary Order $5.00
Personalized personal cheques 50 @ $23.68 to 200 @ $26.30
Personalized business cheques100 @ $53.84 to 800 @ $171.85
Cheque Certification - Issuer $6.00
Cheque Certification - Other than Issuer $15.00
Cheque Collection fee, settled immediately $15.00
Cheque Collection fee, held to verify funds $25.00
Chequing Cashing $100 and lower $3.00
Chequing Cashing $100.01 and higher $5.00
MEMBER CARD® Debit Card Charges 
MEMBER CARD® Debit CardFree
Home Credit Union ATM - Withdrawals/Transfers/Deposits Free
Participating Credit Unions - Withdrawals/Deposits Free
Other financial institutions - Withdrawals/Transfers $1.50
U.S. - Withdrawals $1.75
International - Withdrawals $5.00
Denied Transaction penalty charge* $1.50
* Applies when - Insufficient funds for withdrawal, Invalid PIN or attempt to exceed withdrawal limits
Inquiries Free
Direct Payment $0.40
Replacement of lost or stolen membercard $3.00
Money Orders/Drafts 
Service Fee
Drafts (U.S.) $5.00
Money Orders $5.00
Money Order Trace Fee $3.00 plus CUCM fee
Returned Items/Overdraft Charges 
Service Fee
N.S.F./item $30.00
N.S.F. Chargeback (business accounts) $5.00
Overdrafts/cheque $5.00 plus interest
Bill Payments 
Service Fee
In Branch, Member $1.00 /bill
CU@HOME40¢ /bill
In Branch, Non-Member $2.00 /bill
Wire/Transfer Fees 
Wires $8.00 plus Central Fee
Balance Inquiry, in person no transaction $1.00
Balance Inquiry, telephone $1.00
Transfer Funds, telephone $2.00
Hold Funds Fee, Member initiated $2.00
INTERAC e-Transfer† fee$1.50
Late Loan Notice - 1st Notice (agr & commercial accounts) $7.00
Late Loan Notice - 2nd Notice (agr & commercial accounts) $10.00
Mortgage Discharge (full) $180.00
Mortgage Discharge (partial) $180.00
Registration, Manitoba $10.00/ year
Renewals, Manitoba $10.00/ year
Safety Deposit Box 
Service Fee
Small box rental (1.5" x 5.0")$30.00 plus GST
Medium box rental (2.5" x 5.0")$35.00 plus GST
Large Wide box rental (2.5" x 10")$60.00 plus GST
Large box rental (5.0" x 5.0")$60.00 plus GST
Extra large box rental (5.0" x 10")$75.00 plus GST
Safety deposit box Drilling $20.00 plus cost & GST
Safety deposit box key replacement $25.00 plus GST
Service Fee
Reprint $2.50
Travel Insurance 
Service Fee
Fee on Value Cost
Traveller's Cheques 
Service Fee
Traveller's Cheques (minimum $2.00) 1%
Stop Payments 
Service Fee
Complete details $10.00/item
Incomplete details $15.00/item
Telephone Verification 
Service Fee
Local $1.00
Manitoba $4.00
Out of Province $6.00
Service Fee
Low Fee MasterCard $12.00
Low Fee with Choice Rewards $24.00
No Fee MasterCard No Fee
Low Fee Gold$35.00
Low Fee Gold with Choice Rewards $59.00
Gold MasterCard $96.00
Gold with Choice Rewards $120.00
Platinum Class$150.00
Student MasterCard No Fee
Student with Choice Rewards $24.00

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