Let Us Show You What We Know About Mortgages

At Vanguard Credit Union, our favourite words are yes and know! Yes, we know mortgages and yes, we know you!

Yes, we get that mortgages are tough. But we know how to help turn a no into a yes! Our 2.64% 5-year fixed rate makes it easy to say yes to what we know!

Visit one of our 11 locations or contact our VIP Connect Online Services at 1-877-226-7957 or email vipconnect@vanguardcu.mb.ca to learn more!

Some conditions apply, rate subject to change. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is equivalent to the Annual Interest Rate and assumes that no fee(s) apply. If fee(s) are required as part of the application procession, any fee(s) would increase the APR.