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Congratulations on making the decision to further your education! Let us help you reach your goals with our competitive Student Line of Credit.  The student line of credit from Vanguard Credit Union allows you to pay back only the interest while you are in school, leaving you more money for books, tuition, and other expenses. Only once you are graduated and have started the career of your dreams do you have to start paying off the principal amount. Plus, we provide the flexibility of giving you six months after graduation before you must begin repayment.


  • $12,000 maximum per year for 5 years (8 years if student is enrolled in professional studies)
  • Interest rate @ Prime + 1%
  • Monthly interest is your only payment
  • Principal repayment commences six months after completion of studies
  • Option of repaying line of credit or converting to a regular loan at competitive rates
  • If credit history is limited, a co-signer will be required
  • All activity is recorded on your monthly statement
  • Applying is easy


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