Increase Your Convenience… “Tap” To Pay!

 Your MemberCard looks the same as the old one but now has Interac Flash technology which allows you to “tap” to pay!

All the security features of Interac Debit MemberCard:

  • Secure chip and PIN
  • Real-time payment from your account
  • Each transaction recorded on your bank statement
  • Card number is an identifier, not your account number
  • Cannot be used to access your bank account

Added security features for Interac Flash MemberCard:

  • Small purchases of $100 or less per transaction
  • Daily spending limit of $200
  • PIN verifications is required once daily spending maximum is reached
  • Radio frequency enabled smartcard technology which protects your wallet from being scanned
  • Card must be held 4cm from POS terminal
  • Each transaction is unique and cannot be copied

Contact any Vanguard location or VIP Connect Online Services at 1-877-226-7957 or for your new Interac Flash MemberCard.